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HV Battery Service Plan

057 Technology is now offering service plans for Tesla Model S and X high-voltage battery packs!

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057 Technology is happy to annouce the public launch of our Battery Monitoring and Service Program! Plans are now available for most Tesla Model S and X vehicles built before September 2017!

Dedicated to service and reverse engineering of Tesla vehicles for nearly a decade, 057 Technology is the only company with the knowledge and experience in the field needed to make this offer possible. We've worked on hundreds of Tesla Model S and X vehicles, and have processed and worked on thousands of Tesla batteries to-date. No one knows these components like we do!

Our new program will give Tesla Model S and Model X owners peace of mind as their OEM battery warranty approaches its end. You won't have to worry about a surprise five-figure battery replacement service from Tesla, or have to consider sketchy non-fixes from third parties if the day finally comes where your battery pack fails.

As part of this program, you will plug in a small battery monitoring device into your vehicle (required for our program). This device will both assess the initial condition of your battery and continue to monitor its condition during the service plan period. Many times an impending failure can be detected well before the vehicle would normally alert the driver, and our monitoring device will try to make sure that you've got a covered repair or replacement in the works before you're stranded with an inoperable HV battery.

We're able to offer this service at such competitive prices because of our years of experience in working with these vehicles, along with other aspects of our business model that allow us to effectively recycle and refurbish recoverable portions of your failed battery pack to reduce the overall costs of service. Instead of getting scrapped, when possible your old battery pack will be given new life in off-grid solar setups, off-grid RV projects, EV conversions, and many other second-life uses. We've processed literally thousands of Tesla batteries over the years for our customers.

So take a look at our excellent options for keeping your vehicle's HV battery up and running for the long haul!

How much does it cost?

If your battery pack fails and you get service... With an 057 Service PlanAt 057 Without a Service PlanAt Tesla Service
Upfront Cost$1,799 to $2,499$0$0
Estimated Transport Cost to Repair Facility**$200 to $1,500$250 to $1,500$150 to $300
Estimated Parts CostINCLUDED$16,000 to $19,000$12,000* to $22,500
Estimated Labor CostINCLUDED$2,000 to $3,000$1,000 to $2,500
Estimated Core Credit for Original Battery PackINCLUDED($13,500) to $0NONE
Estimated Transport Cost From Repair Facility**$0 to $1,500$0 to $1,500$0
Estimated Total Replacement Cost$1,999 to $5,499$4,750 to $25,000$13,150 to $25,300
* Tesla's lowest part cost is for a refurbished battery pack, if available. These are not always available.
** 057 Estimated transport costs range from customer pickup and drive home to vehicle shipping between North Carolina and California. Tesla transport costs assuming mostly local towing only and customer drives home for return.

24-month / 25,000 mile HV Battery Plan
Tesla OEM HV Battery Warranty is ...Plan Cost
... already expired$2,499
Limited Time: $1,999
... expires within 90 days$1,999
... expires within 6 months$1,899
... expires within 12 months$1,849
... expires in over 12 months$1,799

What does this service plan cover?

  • Failures of the High Voltage Battery Pack (Unable to drive due to battery failure)

  • Errors with the High Voltage Battery Pack that impair normal usability ("Maximum charge level reduced", for example)

  • Active monitoring of the High Voltage Battery Pack to get ahead of potential problems

  • Full pack replacement or repair at an 057 facility, as required, while plan is active

Terms and conditions apply. Terms and pricing subject to change.

How does it work?

  • Signup for a service plan online in minutes

  • Receive the 057 Technology Battery Monitoring Device in the mail

  • Plug it into the vehicle's diagnostic port

  • Drive the vehicle at least 50 miles (normal use) to validate your battery's condition

  • Once the device reports back all is well, your service plan is now active! HV battery failures are now covered by the service plan!

If your battery pack already has failed or is showing signs of failure, unfortunately we won't be able to provide this coverage plan for you, BUT we do have cost-effective service options that can save you thousands of dollars. Just Contact Us!

What are you waiting for? Grab the last six characters of your VIN number and check if a plan is available for your vehicle right now!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is crazy! How can you offer this kind of service plan??? Is this legit?!

Simple. We have by far the most knowledge and experience about these vehicles of anyone outside of Tesla. We've spent years building our business to be able to support out-of-warranty Tesla vehicles, including designing full custom internal tools for the same. Our founder has reverse engineered all of the major components of the Tesla Model S to the point where we can provide almost any service on these vehicles quickly and effectively.

We've also worked on hundreds of Tesla vehicles to-date, and thousands of batteries. No one knows these vehicles inside and out like we do. After having done battery upgrades, replacements, and repairs for our customers for years at a cost-effective level, we've put that experience to use in making this offering as competitive as possible.

Why are you doing this?

First, because we're pretty much the only company that can legitimately do this. No one else has the underlying business model around these vehicles combined with a detailed understanding of the relevant components. Our founder, Jason Hughes, is the de facto expert on the Tesla battery pack outside of Tesla itself.

Also, It's just needed. Far too often we're seeing owners of early Model S vehicles become anxious about out-of-warranty issues, and having to face huge bills from Tesla if an issue happens. We're in a unique position that allows us to do a lot of good for Tesla owners, so we're making it happen!

Which vehicles can get this service plan?

For our initial launch, we're only allowing Tesla Model S and X vehicles with 85, 90, 70, and 75 kWh battery packs (including software-locked 70/75 batteries) to sign-up for this plan. Plans for the Model S 60 kWh battery (original pre-2015) are not currently available. We will be including the 100 kWh battery pack soon.

No Model 3, Model Y, or Roadster service plans?

Not currently, but we're actively working to make this happen!

Is there a deductible or other cost associated with getting service under the plan?

No deductible, no hidden costs. Your costs associated with service are only your costs associated with getting your vehicle to us for service, and we can help you arrange that as cost-effectively as possible.

What are the hidden costs?

No hidden costs (all plan costs are shown on the invoice, and this is all you pay us). As a service performed physically at our shop we have to charge North Carolina sales tax on the service plans themselves, but this isn't hidden by any means. Additionally, you are responsible for getting your vehicle to us for service. We can help with arrangements, but vehicle shipping/towing costs are up to you. That's why we have no 'deductible' for service. Our plans also require the use of our Battery Monitoring Device. That's pretty much it for anything that might be considered a 'gotcha' on this.

I'm not in the USA, can I still purchase a service plan?

Technically yes (you'll have to contact us to do so, as our automated system is for USA only)... HOWEVER... we don't suggest doing so at this time unless you're prepared to ship your vehicle to us from your country in the event of a failure. Potentially doable for Canada or Mexico, but likely not cost effective for anywhere else.

What is the Battery Monitoring Device???

Our plans are only active and only cover failures that occur while the vehicle's battery is monitored by our custom Battery Monitoring Device. This small device plugs into the diagnostic port of your vehicle and logs battery health data for relay back to 057 Technology. This way, we can sometimes catch failures before they occur, as well as confirm failures and overall keep things honest. We also use Tesla's vehicle logs during service to confirm the nature of battery issues.

Can I get coverage without the use of the device?

The Battery Monitoring Device (BMD) is required for our plans, and only failures that occur while the BMD is connected and active can be covered by our plans.

Why only 24-month plans?

Given the statistics available to us, this is the most reasonable amount of time to currently offer. This is also roughly the amount of time this product has been in beta testing, so we know things will work well for at least that long! We'll have renewals available by the time the plans are up, however, so no worries!

Can I get a 12-months plan? Or installment payments?

We currently don't have plans to do either of these.

What payments are accepted?

Our invoices can be paid with all major credit cards or with an ACH bank transfer. We also accept wire transfers (just contact us for wire information once you have your invoice). We can also accept most crypto-currency upon request. We do not accept PayPal for these service plans.

What information does the device collect? ARE YOU SPYING ON ME?

While the exact workings of the Battery Monitoring Device (BMD) are proprietary, overall this device monitors signals from the HV battery to ensure that the pack is in good health during the plan period. We do not activate plans (and will promptly refund) if the Device does not initially detect a healthy battery pack. The exact metrics involved in that determination are not public. Once activated the Device will keep track of usage of the battery pack to ensure that everything is healthy and that there's no funny business (like trying to swap in a bad battery pack). Only data about the battery and general vehicle information (VIN, configuration) is collected.

How long does it take to receive the Battery Monitoring Device?

During our initial public rollout of this service, the BMDs will ship within 2-8 weeks of cleared payment. We'll also be prioritizing BMD shipment to customers that are closest to their OEM warranty expiration. The customer must install the BMD in the vehicle within 2 weeks of receipt for qualification assessment and, if passed, for coverage to take effect. While coverage is not officially active while awaiting the BMD shipment, we can, at our sole discretion, work with customers in the event a failure occurs between signup and shipment, provided the timing and nature of the failure can be validated through other means (again, at our discretion).

What does the Battery Monitoring Device look for when qualifying a vehicle?

The exact parameters are not public, however all metrics related to the HV battery are taken into account.

I need/want to remove the Device for some reason. Is this a problem?

You may remove the Device as desired. However, any battery failure that occurs while the Device is not installed will not be covered under our plan. Plan time/mileage passed while the Device is removed is simply forfeited. Once reinstalled, the Device must re-assess the HV battery pack to ensure, among other things, that it is the same battery pack from before the Device was removed and no failures have occurred since removal.

When does the plan become active?

The plan is activated (and the 24-month/25,000 mile countdown begins) once the Battery Monitoring Device (BMD) confirms your battery's initial health (usually within 50 miles of driving after install). Additionally, the plan is idle/suspended until your OEM battery warranty expires and is active from that point forward.

I want to cancel the plan. Can I get a refund?

See our terms for details, however in general you can get a refund for our plans in some cases, including: Your vehicle is still covered by Tesla's OEM battery warranty and you want to cancel; You have not yet installed the Battery Monitoring Device (BMD) and you want to cancel; Your vehicle was disqualified by the BMD.

What exactly am I paying for? What are you doing with this money?

You're purchasing protection against failures for your Tesla vehicle's battery. We both monitor the pack to get ahead of some failures, and if it does fail, we'll take care of the service and/or pack replacement for you at our shop so you're not stuck with a huge service bill for a battery pack replacement.

The purchase cost includes the lease of our Battery Monitoring Device, as well as covering the ongoing operating costs and reserves required to make this particular service plan program possible. As part of this program, we're finalizing development of our fully custom Model S/X replacement battery pack as a future cost-saving measure.

We want to be as open as practical with regard to this program, however many of our methods for being able to run this service plan program in a cost-effective manner are proprietary to our business and would be considered trade secrets.

My OEM warranty is already expired. Can I still signup?

Of course! Our system can usually determine your warranty expiration based on your VIN and price your plan accordingly.

My car has 420,000,069 miles on it. Can I still signup?

We don't care how many miles are on your car. We care about the health of your battery pack. Our Battery Monitoring Device will assess your battery to determine if it qualifies for coverage under our service plans or not. If so, you're golden. If not, you get a full refund. Simple as that.

My OEM warranty is still valid. Can I still signup?

Of course! In fact, we encourage this in order to save you money! The plan's clock doesn't start until your OEM warranty expires. Our system can usually determine your warranty expiration based on your VIN and price your plan accordingly. You will still need to install our Battery Monitoring Device to lock in the plan, and will need to do so within the pricing bracket for your plan to qualify for those discounts.

My battery is already having problems or has failed. Can I signup?

If your battery pack already has failed or is showing signs of failure, unfortunately we won't be able to provide this coverage plan for you, BUT we do have cost-effective service options that can save you thousands of dollars. Just Contact Us!

My plan is active and I'm having a battery problem. What do I do?

The Battery Monitoring Device should have already detected the issue and reported it. Someone from 057 Tech should reach out to you to schedule service.

How long does battery service take?

Servicing times can vary, but once the vehicle is on site repair times can generally range from a few days to a few weeks depending on the exact issue and the current shop workload.

How much will a battery failure cost me while my plan is active?

Parts and labor at our facility required to replace or repair your covered battery pack are included in the cost of the plan. No additional cost. You are, however, responsible for vehicle transport costs to/from our facility for service. We can help arrange transport as cost-effectively as possible, if desired.

Where would my vehicle need to be serviced? Can I have another shop replace the battery pack?

All service performed under the plan must be performed at our location in Hickory, NC (address on our contact page). No exceptions. We are not responsible for any costs associated with servicing at a third party facility, nor will we work with any other facility to service your vehicle under the plan. Again, ALL services covered under this plan MUST be physically performed at our facility.

How in the heck am I supposed to get a broken car all the way to 057's shop in North Carolina?!?

We have vehicles transported to and from our facility almost every day. We can help arrange for your car to be picked up and brought to our shop when the time comes and make it as painless as possible!

Alternatively, you could find a few friends and just push the car here... but I'd probably suggest letting us help you with transport. :)

Will the whole vehicle be needed for service? Can I just ship you the battery pack?

We require the entire vehicle present at our facility to perform service under this plan. No exceptions. Removal of the HV battery by non-057 staff or at any other location (including Tesla facilities) voids the plan without any refund.

How much does it cost to get my vehicle to you for service?

This can vary depending on your location, but can range from $250 to $1,500 each way. Even factoring in worst-case transport costs, a covered battery replacement can still be 80% cheaper than at Tesla, and as much as 93% cheaper. Don't let potential transport costs scare you. If you have any questions, just ask us.

Why no love for the Model S 60?

Unfortunately we're not able to cover these vehicles in a cost-effective way. We can still provide service for them, but can not offer any service plans at this time.

Can I upgrade my battery while in for service under the plan? Or can I get a discounted upgrade while covered?

Possibly. Depending on your exact vehicle, we can discuss discounted upgrade costs if/when the time comes. We can also potentially discount an upgrade pre-failure while covered, since the Battery Monitoring Device will already get us a lot of the information needed to make a determination on upgrade costs. Contact us with any questions!

If my battery fails, what will you do to fix it?

Depending on the nature of the failure, we will either repair or replace hardware (for example: contactor, BMS, or fuse failure), or completely replace the battery pack (for example: failure within a battery module or cell).

If you replace my battery, what are you replacing it with?

We replace your battery with one of equal or better capacity, within a reasonable margin of error. We will only install fully tested and refurbished OEM packs, or in the future, at our discretion, our fully custom replacement pack.

Fully custom replacement pack?! Tell me more!

We have had a fully custom third party replacement pack in development for the Tesla Model S for several years now. This product will be a drop-in replacement with equal or better range/performance than the OEM packs, developed entirely in-house. More details will be available about this once it's completed.

Can't you just replace the bad module or cell? I've seen this on YouTube!

Bluntly, the people claiming this kind of 'fix' is a thing don't know what they're talking about. With the Model S, you can NOT alter or replace individual modules or cells and expect the vehicle to perform normally indefinitely. The BMS tracks each cell group in detail, and will have problems in the event things don't match up perfectly. Doing things like cutting a cell fuse (like claimed by another company), or replacing a module, throw the pack out of balance in an uncorrectable way. We do not do these kinds of fake fixes on our customer's batteries.

I don't know about this. Your website looks like it's from 1999, and nothing is moving or flashy. You don't even have any fancy YouTube videos! Why should I trust you?

We firmly believe that our products sell themselves on merit, and that our reputation speaks for itself. While we could probably waste resources making a flashy website, or fancy videos on YouTube to try and push our products even more, we'd rather make sure things are functional and devote resources towards our products and customers. Suffice it to say, don't trust the flashy videos on YouTube claiming amazing things... true of this particular space and most others.

Are you going to start calling me saying that you've been trying to reach me about my car's warranty?

No. Just no.

I use OpenPilot or [insert other third party device which sends CAN here], and the terms say I can't send CAN! Help!

The terms provision for disallowing CAN transmission from third party hardware is intended for the powertrain CAN bus. Most OpenPilot implementations use the chassis CAN bus and have no effect on the 057 Battery Monitoring Device.

However, there are some devices which attach to the powertrain CAN bus and can interfere with the operation of the BMD. This is usually due to improper designs, programming, etc, but can occasionally be an intentional design of the device (oversaturating the CAN bus to prevent certain messages from being delivered, for example). This can prevent the BMD from getting the data it needs to function, and so we disallow third party devices to prevent this.

OpenPilot implementations with no ties to the powertrain CAN (CAN3) are permitted without restriction. Other devices which transmit on the powertrain CAN, perform any intercepts (MITM), or otherwise change messages seen on the powertrain CAN are only permitted on a case-by-case basis. At the moment, the only such pre-approved implementation is from Tinkla.us. See their note here.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us using our contact page.

I still have questions!

For the fastest response, please feel free to contact us using our contact page.

You can also reach out to Jason Hughes, our founder, directly on either Tesla Motors Club (wk057), Twitter (wk057), or Discord (wk057#0057)... although due the volume of messages received, you may not always get a prompt response this way.


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